Chios – Chios Music Festival
3 August 2020
Chios Island, Greece
Archaeological Museum of Chios
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Ludwig van Beethoven: from String Quartet op.132- 1st movement  Assai sostenuto-Allegro
Anton von Webern: “langsamer Satz” for String Quartet
Horst Windhagauer: from String Quartet “House of Pomegranates” – 2nd movement ” The Birthday of the Infanta”
Dimitri Shostakovich: “Adagio and Allegretto” for String Quartet
Ludwig van Beethoven: from String Quartett op.132 – Alla Marcia and Allegro appassionato
Robert Schumann: from String Quartet No.1 in a-minor op.41 – 2nd movement Scherzo: Presto – Intermezzo
Jan Brandts-Buys: from String Sextett op.40, Scherzo Allegro Molto and Energico e Tenuto (together with Olga Holdorff Myriangou -violin and Fotis Pezos – viola)